Claretian Summer 2022

Claretian Summer 2022

Live – Claret Center, Buckden Towers

It took place in July at the Claret Center in Buckden (London).
A group of young people over the age of 18, from various places and parishes in London, who lead the Claretian Missionaries.

The ten participants experienced a personal encounter with others and with God. They were accompanied by Fr Joseph Raju Katthula (Caretians of the United Kingdom-Ireland), who is in charge of Vocational Youth Ministry (VYM).

They spent several days of great intensity, friendship and faith sharing. It was an unforgettable human experience of (re) discovering the meaning of faith in each person’s life, based on the various teachings.

The challenge of following Jesus is to listen to his call. We continue the journey of preparation for WYD Lisbon 2023 as a Claretian Family.